Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Email :)

We got another email from Elder Bradshaw today!  Normally his PDays are on Mondays, but since it was Memorial Day, we got it today. :)

"Hey again everyone! Happy Memorial Day and such to you all! This past week has been filled with many funny memories. Biking everyday in the heat and humidity is awesome especially if you don't have sidewalks! My area has hardly, if any sidewalks. There have been many time's when semi's and buses are really close to me going way fast, kinda scary! We try to help out the people here anyway possible or ask if they need a hand here and there and they get all offensive and say no we don't need your help y'all have a good rest of your day and we are like uhh okay cya haha. When we do talk to them they get all offensive and say I'm Catholic or I am Baptist or I am whatever and that's all they will say. The other night a drunk guy came over to me and was really kinda close and said I don't need religion I have been to Vietnam and I don't believe there is a God. Another thing that is hard down here is that people think they can just say I am saved or I believe in Jesus so I am good!  And so they will get into a argument over what we are saying is false and how I can just believe in God and I am good.... I am in a hard area I guess, from what they say. Pearl is tough. But it doesn't stop us from doing the work! This past week our numbers have been looking awesome. We hand out many Book of Mormons and have taught a lot of people! I love having tough challenges, that's what a mission is!  This past week me and my companion sang in our ward choir (with some others) we got signed up for it, I dont even sing haha... but it was fun. Also this past week we visited a guy named Dennis, he was half asleep but he let us in. So we go in there and we ask him if we can have a quick prayer before we start the lesson and he say's yes, so I offer it and when I finished praying we looked over at him and he was dead ASLEEP.... we are like Dennis!! Dennis! No response, I thought he freaking died haha I was nervous..haha we were like Dennis!!!!! Nothing, so we were just like well we are going to go now... We even opened up the door and he still would not wake up hahahaha ohh it was so funny!! Yesterday afternoon we got fed by the Dunaways, it was so good!  We had bbq chicken, deer sausage, garlic bread, mac and cheese and the best baked beans I have ever had! It was mighty fine!  Me and Elder Milligan celebrated my 1 month out Saturday night (even though it was Friday when my 1 month occurred).  We ordered Domino's!  So that was fun. I am loving it out here!  Yeah I have hard moment's still but I feel reassured :) I love everyone and hope things are going well for you! Love you guy's so much and thanks for all the prayers and support! :) You're great!
Love Elder Nick Bradshaw

P.S. We have been told that this summer it is going to be the hottest summer in Mississippi..... ahhh crap  
:( Gatorade here we come!!!!"

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