Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dinner Update!


My name is Lyndi Ison, we are a small Utah family that recently moved to Jackson. We had your missionary over for dinner tonight. It was great to have them in our apt. They are fine young men and seem to be doing well. 
All the best-

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Update :)

We have had many people sending us pictures and emails regarding Elder Bradshaw and all the hard work he is doing.  Sister Miles is a sister missionary and Nick calls her his "Nother Mother".  Here are some things she's said about Nick and of course, some great pictures!

He's a character and doing so good! You should be very proud of him, he's working very hard.
Just wanted you to know how well your son is progressing in the work. We went to a District meeting with Elder Bradshaw. He and his companion did a role play on the subject of listening. I was so impressed with how well he did! I felt the spirit so strong. He is such a joker and tease (chasing me with a cockroach in his hand). But then when it's time for teaching the gospel, he is awesome! I enjoy listening to his testimony every week after these meetings. What strength and conviction! He is an amazing young man, I have really enjoyed getting to know him. We have lots of fun together! He's great!
 I am grateful to be a part of his life, and mission! He lights up my days with his sense of humor!
-Sister Miles

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mugshots Grill & Bar Adventure

Elder Bradshaw has met a lot of GREAT people in Mississippi!  One of them is Lindy Miles.  Nick talks about her all the time and how she is his "Second Mom".  She let our mom know that Nick was on a Facebook page, the Mugshots Grill & Bar Facebook page.  Seriously could Elder Bradshaw be any cuter?!!!  He did end up finishing the ENTIRE hamburger, just not in 12 minutes like the challenge is set for.

"This is Nick Bradshaw from Utah!! Him and his friends were visiting Mugshots in Flowood for the first time!! Nick tried the Mugshot challenged, but could not finish it!!! You gave it a great try Nick and we are glad you and your friends had a good time!!!"