Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Elder Bradshaw & Elder Hinds had a baptism last weekend!  So exciting!!! Congratulations to Gage!  Elder Bradshaw & Emma.  The Dickens... they feed these two Elder's every Thursday.  So sweet!!!

Apartment... can you tell two boys live there?! JK!  Typical Nick...

Monday, April 8, 2013

20th Birthday!!!

Elder Bradshaw turned 20 on April 5th!!!  He was so lucky to have such great people to spend time with him on his birthday!  
Happy Birthday Nicholas!  So glad it was a great one :). We love you!!!

The cake my mom made and sent him.  It's his favorite cake and we ALWAYS have it on Nick's birthday.  He says he will still eat it even though it kind of blew up haha.  BOYS.
My mom came up with the cutest present for Nick, a pillowcase full of pictures!  He loves it!  It even has a picture of his future niece/nephew (which Nick is so excited for)!
The Smith girls!
Cake at the Smiths!
The cake the Kimpels made Nick!

Nick's new favorite place to eat... BDay dinner.
Elder Bradshaw & Elder Lundgreen
The Kimpels!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Elder Bradshaw is enjoying his mission so much!!!  He's been out a year this month and his 20th Birthday is Friday (April 5th).  We sent some fun things for his BDay, but I will wait to post them.   Here are some pictures of Easter & other random ones :).

He had his first Easter away from home so we decided to send him an Easter package.

Nick's companion, Elder Hinds & Nick at The Shed.  Nick says it's a very good BBQ restaurant.
Ward mission leader, Brother Rice

The District

                               Playing with some kids, he's going to be a GREAT uncle and dad!!!