Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2o12

It's Elder Bradshaw's first Halloween in Mississippi, so we sent him a Halloween package!  It is so much fun getting things together and sending him gifts.  Can't wait for the Holidays and getting even more packages together!
Happy Halloween Elder Bradshaw!  Ward Party!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baptism #2

We got a couple of emails this past week from Nick, so I decided to post them.  So proud of this kid!  

"Hey everyone! I have a few minutes on the computer! So we planned our investigators baptism yesterday after we taught him.  His name is August Trumm. As we were planning we got to the part where we asked who he wanted to baptize him, he paused for a second then he said, "Elder Bradshaw will you baptize me?"   I was taken back by this and I replied "I would love to man, thank you for giving me the opportunity".  So I will be baptizing him. I am so excited! I cannot wait! Having my second baptism has just once again confirmed to me that the Lord does know us personally and will bless us if we endure hard things well.  I love you guys all so very much! Thank you for being such an amazing support, I love you so much!"

"Hey everyone! So this past Saturday the 20th, I had the wonderful opportunity again to see a soul enter into baptism, August Trumm. But I also had the opportunity to baptize him. It was so awesome! I was super nervous of course but I said a prayer before we went into the font and I felt good and felt like everything would be okay :). It was so powerful to stand in the font and repeat the baptism lines.  Then all of a sudden boom dunk and back up. It was a great experience. It was awesome to baptize someone. He was so happy to be baptized and the next day (Sunday) he received the gift of the Holy Ghost and also the Priesthood. After he got those he got up to bare his testimony. The spirit was so strong. As he bore his testimony, you could tell it was just burning inside him. He loved it and knew he was different. All in all great experience!!!!
-Elder Bradshaw

Monday, October 15, 2012

First Baptism!

Elder Bradshaw was able to experience his FIRST baptism in Mississippi!  He is such a cutie and we love hearing all about his experiences!  
Congratulations Angela!   We are all so happy for you :).

"BAPTISM!!!!!   Man oh man. My first baptism was an awesome experience!  The spirit was so strong and I felt the spirit through the roof!  It was an amazing experience to be able to see Angela enter baptism and also receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! I felt the spirit all day my joy was filled!  What a great day!  Definitely one I will remember :). We have another baptism coming up this Saturday. I am so excited to be able to see another soul enter BAPTISM!! 

Dishwasher: I put soap in instead of dish washing soap! haha I am dumb!