Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last MTC P-Day

Today was Elder Bradshaw's last MTC P-Day!!  He was able to email us but was not able to send any pictures! :(   He will be leaving for Mississippi Monday, May 14th!  He will be able to call us that day.  So excited for him to get to Mississippi!  Again, I deleted some of the things that are a little too personal. (which was pretty much my entire email haha). But my parents was long and good.  Enjoy!

"Well hey family!! Its been 2 weeks and geez do I enjoy it now! It is awesome! Just so you guys know our flight is at 7:30 to atlanta georgia and then we have an hour layover in georgia then to the heart of the south! It says we get into mississippi at 3:30. I am the travel leader of our group haha which is interesting! But anyways thank you guys so much for the packages and stuff!!  Holy crap I have so much food I dont know what to do with it!!  I love you guys so much and my district is jealous there family doesnt love them as much as you love me :)  Suckers. haha.  But this week has been incredicle! We got our first commitment to baptism!!!!!! It was so exciting and I am so happy :). The athiest we have been teaching, she is enjoying the feelings she feels from the lord!  Tomorrow (the 10th) we are commiting her to baptism!!! So excited :). Well yesterday for our fireside D Todd Christofferson came and talk and geez was that rad or what ha! he talked about love and how we need to show our love to investigors and non members so they can feel the love that the savior would give them. He said something really awesome: as missionarys we are supported by apostles. they cant do it all so as missionarys they are backing us up all the way. We are a apostles with a lower case "a" and they are a capital "A"!  I thought that rocked! i gotta go do laundry. I am rocking at it! ha talk to you soon
Love Elder Bradshaw"

"I am the travel leader of our district( hope the plane doesnt go down!! haha) but i will call at about 5 in the morning and then at about 12 pm that day.  Cant wait to talk to you guys!!!.  I am so sorry I am low on time :( dang mtc wish I would have gotten out haha jk!! Thank you for the packages and stuff it has rocked!!!  Yeah well i guess i have to wait till i get into mississippi to put pics on ;(. I like writing letters :) ps haha

<3 <3 <3 love your bro nick"

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