Monday, May 21, 2012

Mississippi P Day & Pics ;)

Today was Elder Bradshaw's first P-Day in Mississippi!  His P-Day's are on Mondays.  Here's an email from today!

"Dear Everyone this past week has been a great one! The south is a new place haha.. I swear everyone drink's and smoke's, like everyone.. ha but the people are so nice and generous. It is really hot and humid. I have been losing weight i am at the 3rd belt loop haha there is NO way i am getting fat down here while riding a bike in dress pants and a heavy backpack! My companion is Elder Milligan! He is from Cali and has been out 9 months! He is very chill and is great!!! So this past week have been amazing everyone... here are a few experiences i have had this past week:
First off one night we were out tracting in an apartment complex and we were getting no luck at all. So my companion asked me "were do you want to go?" I stood there pondering and for some reason i felt impressed like we should go over to the apartments across the street. It was weird i was like we need to go over to those so, we did and knocked on some doors and didnt get any luck, so we pick the last house and a kid (about 20) years old answer's it and we teach him about the restoration. We asked him to be baptized that night and he said YES!!!!!! it was so awesome! :) i was so taken back. It was great! So another good experience i had was that we went over to a member's house and we talked with her and shared a lesson and such. But at the end she asked him one of us could give her a blessing of comfort...... My companion asked me if i could...  i was so nervous... so i did and while i was doing it the spirit was so strong. I could feel it burning inside me... and what i said was not me and i know it wasnt.... Also yesterday(Sunday) a lady in my ward asked if she could have a blessing because she was getting the test results back to see if she has cancer or not. So we anointed the oil on her and my companion asked if i would give her one ha i was so nervous but i did it anyways. i don't remember what i said but it was awesome and i felt the spirit guide me! I then closed and she thanked me and said that blessing that you just gave was an answer to my prayers, it was what i was praying for while i was in those tests.. And when she said that i just kinda broke down and she said i know that the lord told you what to say and guided you.. I was speechless... It just goes to show that this work is true and that what i am doing out here is the lord's work. I know that it is what i am supposed to be doing and as you read my letters you can feel the spirit as i did. This work is true i know it. I love everyone of you and pray for you every night. Read D&C 122. It has helped me out and i know it will do the same for you. Love you guys and stay strong!!
Love Elder Bradshaw"

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