Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is our mom's Birthday :).  Nick and I are so lucky to have her in our lives and to have her as our mom.  Elder Bradshaw was able to send her an email yesterday!  

"hey mom happy birthday tomorrow!!!! i love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day! I miss you a lot... but i know it is going to be okay!! I hope your trip with dad was fun! i had to email you on here because the lds mail thing is down. But anyways so to add to your birthday fun is some experiences i have had while being here. First off one night we were out tracting in an apartment complex and we were getting no luck at all. So my companion asked me "were do you want to go?" I stood there pondering and for some reason i felt impressed like we should go over to the apartments across the street. It was weird i was like we need to go over to those so, we did and knocked on some doors and didnt get any luck, so we pick the last house and a kid (about 20) years old answer's it and we teach him about the restoration. We asked him to be baptized that night and he said YES!!!!!! it was so awesome! :) i was so taken back. It was great! So another good experience i had was that we went over to a member's house and we talked with her and shared a lesson and such. But at the end she asked if one of us could give her a blessing of comfort...... My companion asked me if i could...  i was so nervous... so i did and while i was doing it the spirit was so strong. I could feel it burning inside me... and what i said was not me and i know it wasnt.... i ended it and she was so amazed by it that she want's to write you guys a letter for some reason.. ha so yeah that has been some big few things the past few days.

Once again happy birthday mom and i love you!!! so much!! :)
-Your Son, Elder Bradshaw 
p.s. its hot and humid and i have been losing weight ha but lifting and biking alot:)"

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