Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We got PICTURES!!!!

Elder Bradshaw just emailed some pictures from the MTC!!!  I guess the ones with the white name tags were his teachers :).  He is officially in Mississippi and hopefully we will be getting Mississippi pics soon ;).
We sure do love this kid!!

"hey everyone! well guess what i am here in mississippi and wow is it foreign or what haha. i am definetly on a foreign mission! its hot, its humid here! (obviously) ha. but for the first 6 weeks i am in pearl mississippi and am serving in the brandon ward. the food, is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good haha wow it is so good ha so good. scary good ha. yesterday i got my first taste of teaching real people ha. it was scary! we were teaching this chick that has tatoos and piercings all over her face haha.. but anyways they asked me if i could testify of the atonement and when i did i felt like i wasnt even saying it! it was so crazy!! i just felt like i was looking behind myself and i felt the spirit so much! it was incredible!! its gonna be good. the bike is nice that i am getting! but i love you guys and i am doing well! love you guys so much and hope the best for you!
Love Elder Bradshaw!
p.s. look at the blog!" 

He emailed a couple more times... here's some more of another email :)
"so i guess that when i get to "call" home i get to use skype!!! so i can see you guys :). the mission home was awesome. so nice and my president and wife are amazing and so loving. i wish they would put up the pics from last night! guess they will soon.  my companion is elder milligan, he seems pretty chill and cool!"

Elder Murdock, Elder Green, Elder Bradshaw


  1. I love your blog! My son Elder Steven Maddox is in the third picture from the top red and white tie pointing to the map on the left of picture. They entered the MTC the same day and are going to the same mission. He has just been assigned to Shreveport, Louisiana Area. I went through the pictures Elder Maddox sent from the MTC and found some of your brother if you would like them send me your email. I have also updated the mission boundary map to make it clearer. my son's blog is Elderstevenmaddox.blogspot.com
    Lisa Maddox lmmadd@gmail.com

  2. Your comment has made our day!!! I LOVE your sons blog :). Thank you for sharing it! My email is, lowchelsie@gmail.com. I would love pictures!! My mom was so excited to hear from you. She is having a hard time (Nick is her baby and only boy). I saw that Steven is your oldest! How are you doing? I hope it's okay if I save your picture of the mission boundary map :). Thank you again for commenting!!

  3. Chels.... I just read all the updates on here and I am very excited for Nick!!! He is going to LOVE "M-eye-crooked letter-crooked letter-eye-crooked letter-crooked letter-eye-humpback-humpback-eye!!! The food is awesome too, I see he has already gotten a taste of it. The true folk with the thickest accents are so down to earth and warm. They are so kind and friendly too. If he every gets to Phillidelphia tell him to look up "COPELAND's" there are many of them. They are my PEOPLE. I don't know how many will be willing to convert, but they will invite you in and feed you. My cousin lives in Meridian and her husband is an inactive member. I have never met him, but he sounds really sweet and my cousin is the Best! His name is Kent Harrington and my cousin's name is Aleatha but goes by Ann Harrington. P.S. I read Elder Maddox's blog. His mother sounds darling.

  4. Hey Chelsie! I sent a few pictures to your email. They are not the clearest but what do you want from a 19 year old boy! They do give a look into what they were doing so I am SURE your mom will like them not matter what. I know I did. It is so hard to have my son gone but I am also so excited for him to experience this! I was baptized in California when I was 21 by missionaries and I am thrilled that my son will have the opportunity to touch another person's life they way that mine was. I think that some how that soften's the blow of missing him so badly. I do cry at the weirdest times though. Doing a blog has been so helpful for me, maybe you should make your mom do it...I hope you all enjoy the pictures, I will keep my eye out over the next two years (gulp!) and send any more of Elder Bradshaw your way!

  5. Sandy, you are so great!!! I am just going to copy and paste everything you wrote and send it to Nick ;). Thank you and love you!!
    Lisa, we love the pics! Where do you guys live now? My mom isn't the best at blogging haha. I try to get her to, but she likes me doing it :). She barely gets on her Facebook! Maybe eventually she'll let me teach her. We will definitely send any pictures of Elder Maddox your way as well :). Thank you again!!

  6. I am glad you like the pictures! We live in Highland, Ut. It is in Northern Utah County between American Fork and Alpine. Where is your family?

  7. We live in Smithfield, Ut. In Cache Valley ;).