Thursday, May 10, 2012

some Mississippi facts...

Elder Bradshaw will be leaving the MTC for Mississippi Monday the 14th.  He is so excited to actually get out there!  I thought it would be a great idea to share some Mississippi facts.

Elder Bradshaw's mission president is President Tom R. Tucker. He will be there until July, 2012.  After that, Nick will receive President Mark J. McDonough.  President Tucker's wife actually has a blog with pictures and fun things the missionaries are up to.  She updates it with all the new missionaries, ect (So Nick will be on it!!).  If you look to the right of Elder Bradshaw's blog, under "My Blog List", it has her blog.  You can just click on it and it'll take you right to it.  It's awesome!
Created July 1, 1979, the Mississippi Jackson Mission was formed from the part of the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission.  Below is a picture of the Mississippi Jackson Mission.  The grey areas, are where Elder Bradshaw will be serving.  As you can see, he can be serving not only in Mississippi, but Arkansas, Louisiana, and a little part of Texas.
Mississippi has no LDS Temples.  Actually there are no temples in any areas he will be serving.  Mississippi only has 4 stakes.  Some more facts:

-Jackson is the State Capitol.  82 Counties.
-Mississippi is the 32nd largest state in the USA
-Population: 2,967,297 (as of 2010)
-Mississippi was named after an Indian word for "Father of Waters"
-The Mississippi River is the largest in the United States and is the nation's chief waterway. Its nickname is Old Man River
-Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Jan 8, 1935
-Some more famous people from Mississippi:  Jimmy Buffet, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Rice
-The first football player on a Wheaties box was Walter Payton of Columbia
-Root beer was invented in Biloxi in 1898 by Edward Adolf Barq, Sr
-The official song for Mississippi is "GO, MISSISSIPPI"
-Mississippi colleges: Mississippi Rebels (Ole Miss), Mississippi State Bulldogs, Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles
-Mississippi is the 4th largest rice producing state, some other favorite foods are: largemouth bass, oysters, alligators, honey, catfish, cornbread, ribs, beans, fried chicken, mud pie, pralines, pecan pie, cajun fried pecans, sweet potato pie, shrimp, and many many more.

                 So excited to see what Nick has to say about Mississippi and see pictures!!!


  1. Thank you for your nice blog spot! Our son has been called to serve in the Mississippi Jackson Mission. Does your son have any "tips for success" or "insights" he'd be willing to share for new missionaries coming to the Mississippi Jackson Mission? Also, would love to see a close up to see the cities included in the mission's boundaries. Where did you find your map?

  2. Yay!!! He's going to love it :). Tell him congrats for us. I am actually Nicks sister that does his blog. So on his next pday I will tell him about your son. Does he have an email address that Nick could email him and give him some advice? I know Nick would love to answer any questions he has and give him some advice. Where are you guys from? What's your sons name? I'm so glad you came across this blog! Also, my mom was a wreck when Nick left, so I know she would love to give you some helpful tips if you need them :). That map came with his mission call, and I scanned it into my computer. It was in a booklet.

  3. My son was also just called to the Jackson Mississippi mission, we would love any tips or advice your brother has shared :).

    1. Yay! He's going to love it! I will give you my email and you can email me yours I know nick would love to give some advice and tips to your son :). He comes home next month and has loved every minute of his mission!