Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Funny Stuff!

Love and miss this kid so much!!!

Monday June 4, 2012
"Well hello everyone!
It has been a good week! This week we had zone conference and that was a great experience, I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary and during zone conference we were asked to invite people to be baptized on the first visit haha kinda scary. I guess it really makes a difference when you do and I guess your baptism rates go up! Another thing we also learned about was the STUPID bug's that live here...... spiders, bed bugs, chiggers (they're dumb) and how to take care of them and etc. So the next morning I was getting all fancied up to go out and I threw my pants on the floor to febreze them and a gosh dang spider crawled out of them!!!!! I freaked out (as it ran away) and I got my companion to help me haha..... we couldnt find it but all of a sudden I looked down and saw it crawling up my leg haha so I freaked out again and hurried and took my sock off.... we ended up killing it with our random bat we had in the closet haha...luckily it was just a garden spider.... I was gonna cry haha I hate spiders!! Anyways this week missionary wise has been great! I have been giving many blessing's on people and like alway's I don't get why I said what I said or remember what I said. It is the best experience ever to know that you are being told what to say by the spirit! I love how it is always our constant companion!!! Like i said in the last email we are in a tough area. But our number's are looking way good! a lot of people compliment us for doing so well! New people are coming out of the wood work and it is great cause our hard work is finally paying off! We have 5 people set with a baptismal date!! It always makes things worth it when you are teaching some one and you are prompted to say some thing or you feel the spirit so strongly that it burns! You just think about it at night when your getting ready to go to bed and you say stuff like "I don't know why I said that" or "I felt so strongly to say that, even though I was just teaching someone" People like to talk a lot down here haha. A LOT. We will be teaching a lesson and the person will go on about there life story haha... it is really tough cause sometimes it wont even be about the lesson and you have to swing it back into what you were actually saying!!! So for you girl's who like to talk out there, mississippi is da place for you!! But all in all y'all I love it, its great! Fun and memorable moment's that you will NEVER forget. I love you all and pray for you everynight! Till we meet again.
Love Elder Bradshaw aka Terminator (a member called me that cause i looked like the terminator with my sunglasses on) haha"

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