Monday, June 11, 2012

More Pictures & A New Email!

Elder Tucker's wife put some pictures up of Elder Bradshaw.  So cute!  We also got another wonderful email today from Nick!  He also sent us some pictures :)!  LOVE Mondays! LOVE pictures! LOVE Elder Bradshaw! 

Yummy Lunch From Clinton Relief Society
Jackson Zone 
The road Elder Bradshaw goes down everyday
Elder Bradshaw's Planner
Nick says Black Widows are EVERYWHERE!
Elder Bradshaw and his companion, Elder Milligan

"Haha ohhhh man has this week been crazy or what! But successful too! Staying hydrated and not trying to get hit by cars on a daily basis can be very difficult! But lately here in Mississippi or what me and Elder Milligan like to call the "No sidewalk state" we have been doing really well! Our investigator's are getting closer to baptism. We are trying our best to study and plan our lesson's around what the investigator's need's are. It has been a very good experience to plan this out and think about personal experience's you can help apply to that certain lesson you are teaching. The people down here are great and so kind!  They will talk and talk and they are just great!  Even at night's, we will knock on the door's and they will say come in! Haha I would never say that especially all the fruity weird people here in the U.S.

Haha a funny experience we had the other day. So we were going over to this apartment complex that we usually go to and we were walking around and we met a group of guy's and I go up to them and I say what's up guy's?! They look at me and they're like "You got any green??".... I was like uhhh no but I have a book here that will help you out!   So at first they were all bummed about how two young men in white shirt's didn't have weed with them but eventually we talked about the Gospel with them and handed out about 3 book of mormon's haha.

We alway's run into people that are so nice and friendly and you think they're wanting to know about the church then they pull a good ol' 360 on you and say "I cant single myself out into just one religion because it is taking away from me being able to hear the good word from other's and gain more faith".   I am just thinking in my head..... what??? They think if they just believe in Christ then they are saved.

I went to Bass Pro Shop today (the place rock's) and one of the checker's was looking at my name tag and I went up to her and said are you checking out my name tag?  She's like "yeah" and so I was like well I am a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's and I have this card with a website on it and beforeI  finished she's like "I dont want it.  I know Jesus Christ is my savour!  He's coming soon i know it! I am saved and I am fine". I was like yeah I know he is coming soon too!!!   And she just said "you know it!, he is coming real soon'' haha I just walked off after that haha... ohhh I love the people here :)

Something I have noticed while being a missionary is first we stick out like a cow in an elk farm. Second, people really appreciate what we are doing out here. There have been many time's were people reject us but say I think it's awesome that there are young men like you out here teaching the good word and bringing in the lost people. Many people ask us what we did before this and they are amazed we cant do stuff like watch tv or go to movie's etc. I really pondered that this week and I thought to myself how big of a sacrifice it is... But then I read an article from Dallin H Oak's, he say's that we were all ordained missionarie's before we came to earth. We are all missionarie's no matter if you are called or not.  And what really stuck out to me is that Dallin H Oak's say's we choose if we serve a mission. God has given us our free agency but it is up to us to be obedient and obey the commandmen't's and actually do it. That really hit me for some reason. You know it's a choice. There are many people who don't choose... and that's their choice. But I am so glad I chose to serve a mission. Like everyone say's "this is one decision you will never regret" I KNOW that this is true. I love it. Couldn't ask for anything better!!!

So to close I had a really personal prayer answered this week... It was so amazing to feel the spirit answer my prayer. I know what I felt was from the Holy Ghost. I know he answered my prayer and it has been such an amazing thing to add to my testimony. I know the Lord hear's every single prayer you give. I know he will answer them in His due time. Just be patient and have a real intent and I promise you it will come.

Love Elder Bradshaw
P.S.  I am rocking the comb over now!!!! haha"

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