Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day & Email

 Yesterday was Father's Day and Elder Bradshaw sent our dad a sweet hat from the Bass Pro Shop!  He's such a sweetie!  We decided to do a cute picture to send to Elder Bradshaw since we were all together.

Here's Elder Bradshaw's email from today :)!  Nick will probably be in Pearl, Mississippi until November or even December.  We will just have to see!

"Hey hey hey! Everyone! This week has been good. This week has been the most adversity week it seem's like haha. We have had a few people here in the beautiful state of Mississippi really show their true love toward's us missionaries and the Church...
 The first thing to start this adversity off was us meeting a guy who was sitting outside his house on a law chair. So we go up to him and we talk about the church and he just starts bashing with us... So we tell him to read The Book of Mormon and pray and ask God if it is true.. So he accept's the copy and say's he will read it. He also told us that he is going to prove that it is wrong and isn't the word of God....... After we did that we both testified of it and as we did a truck drove by with a bunch of guy's in it and they said out loud a word that start's with an F haha. The guy we were talking to laughed and said you guy's probably get that a lot... hahaha! What we are saying is true and that is why there is so much opposition. Anyway's, he told us to come back in 2 week's after he had read it. So next sunday we will see if he proved the second word of god to be wrong...
 The second thing to add to this was on Friday. We were at Fred's (a store) just getting some stuff for the apartment. We go out and walk to our bikes, a car drive's past us and honk's it's horn.  The kid's in the car flip us off while they are driving, I just laugh and wave at them and they do it again. I keep waving at them till they drive away haha. It was so random and its just like uhhh okay? It make's you laugh though, just to see the opposition :). Sorry the gospel is true people!!!!! 
The third thing to also add was this past saturday we were at a flea market with our district leaders. We were walking around looking at the different shop's and handing out cards when people would accept them. So as we were walking out a lady walks toward's us and kinda flags us down and say's what are you guys up to?  We were like uhh just looking around the market? And she was like "okay, just making sure" It was super weird.. We got the impression that she was the lady over the whole thing and that if we weren't shopping then she would have kicked us out... haha it was awkard!!!
We got fed this week by some less active members!!! Fried catfish and hush puppies!! it was so good! Hush puppies is fried corn bread stuff with usually jalepeno's in them. They were pretty good. Catfish wasn't bad either! Finally had some real southern food and it was great! 
It hasnt been to hot this week! We had the most epic rain storm I have ever been in, in my life! Holy crap the thunder was so loud, louder then it is in Utah. The lightning is so much bigger and brighter here. Our walk way and street were flooded haha that is how much rain falls... I caught some of it on video!!
It has been really fun lately! It seem's to just get better! The people we are teaching are coming a long and almost there we are just helping them overcome some thing's and commit to a date. You start to care for the people when they are going through a hard time. Because you know that the Lord will heal them and that this Gospel is true and will change there lives. You testify constantly of what you know to be true and what you have experienced. Many people have a hard time with doing good because to them when they try to do good thing's don't go there way but when they see people do bad, the bad people have thing's go there way. If you think about it, sometimes this is true but usually when people say that, I share with them my testimony of how the Lord lifted me up and helped me out when I knew I was doing the best that I could do and trying to only do good.  And I tell them that by sincere prayer and scripture reading, they can have the same upliftment!!!
I love the people here (even though some don't like us haha) but they are very kind and alway's have open arms even if they aren't LDS.
I love the mission!
Love Elder Bradshaw"

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