Sunday, April 22, 2012


Elder Bradshaw had such a great turn out for his Farewell.  The spirit was so strong & he did an amazing job.  Definitely a lot of tears were shed.  We cannot begin to express how great of a missionary Nick is going to be.  Elder Bradshaw has such a great family and friends who support him and will be praying for him while he serves.  I didn't get everyone's pictures, but here are some I did get.  Thank you everyone for being there for him as he takes this big step in his life!

Nick is getting ready and packing everything up. We will be dropping him off at the MTC Wednesday! (April 25th).  I will post his MTC address when we get it Wednesday for whoever would like to write him in the MTC.

Here's an idea of what is going on around the Bradshaw home. 
 Nicks White Shirts... He will be wearing these EVERY day.
My parents have put a book together for Elder Bradshaw. They asked Nicks family and close friends to type up their testimonies to put in the book.  They have also put pictures, addresses, ect, to help Nick whenever needed.

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  1. Sorry we didn't make it. We had 2 sick kids and Chad was "on call" and only got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep :(